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Sell Wi-Fi vouchers to your customers from as low as 5c per MB
Switch on your Wi-Fi device anywhere and start selling immediately
Get your Wi-Fi business started today

Quick to setup

Simply connect your Wi-Fi device to electricity and you're ready to start selling Wi-Fi to your customers

Very affordable

Sell access to your Wi-Fi network from as low as 5c per MB up to 10c per MB. Normal mobile data typically costs 20c per MB

Setup anywhere

Setup your Wi-Fi network anywhere you can find customers and access to power and easily move between locations

The Kemoya Wi-Fi Device

Each Kemoya device is a lightweight, easy-to-use Wi-Fi router that has a reach of up to 100m and can comfortably connect up to 30 customers at the same time



Kemoya Wi-Fi Hotspot vouchers start as low as R2.00 for 20MB to ensure that anyone can afford to connect to the internet.

Connect up to 2 devices at once

A customer can connect their mobile phone and a tablet with a voucher or choose to share their voucher with a friend. 

Valid for 30 days

All vouchers are valid for 30 days and customers can use the same voucher to connect multiple times over the 30 days.

The perfect Wi-Fi solution for internet cafes, small businesses, communes, hostels, student residences, BnBs, lodges, events, restaurants and just about anywhere

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